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From the Desk of Roxy Jordet
I’m going to start this off by sharing something about myself
I love chocolate…. There I said it! 

I assume everyone else loves it as much as I do. 

So when the opportunity came along to join a business where the product was chocolate and I could get paid down multiple levels on chocolate sales in my organization I figured it was going to be straight up easy to get rich in this business! 

That was my first exposure to network marketing.

A little background history… my heart had been unsettled for years moving from job to job. I always hated the feeling of being trapped and I never understood why..

As I look back, nothing has ever been planned in my life…

It all just happened… well, except my first job after high school when it was known that everyone went to college, got a job and worked at that job all their life..yea that did not work for me.. 

Ok, here we go..

Because the ‘jobs’ I have had were ‘fun’, most of the time, I liked the people I worked with in the Tech, Education, Health Care, Electrical Trade, general office ‘careers’..

But, each came with their restraints and eventually I felt trapped like a slave. 

I thought slavery was long gone, but it has just morphed into something else in America… 

Being an employee at a job you hate is just modern day slavery

So, when these Multi Level ‘jobs’ came around I started realizing the thought of the Freedom Living that my heart so desired. It was not that I did not want to work, I just wanted to work on my own time… to turn on the cash machine whenever I wanted. 

This is the story of my journey through the multi-level marketing, direct selling, online marketing, and affiliate marketing worlds. Yes there is a difference in each.. Check out the quote at the end of this section. It will blow your socks off! 

I do hope this helps you make a shortcut to a profitable, less headache approach to making your dreams of Freedom Living a reality…by creating a connection that will empower you to success! 

People follow leaders who know where they are going and that certainly was a missing link for me through this journey…

Let’s move on...back to chocolate...

I did the home parties and they were actually pretty successful because we served chocolate martinis and we taste tested several of the products in the line! 

Gosh, we even added chocolate rub to meat on the grill… 

For me it was all about getting together with friends and having a party, enjoying each others company and paying for the chocolate that I wanted in my house! 

That core reason has never left me, I truly want to have ‘life experiences’ with friends and family. To live my life like it was a vacation, to have time and financial freedom to do what I want, when I want, with whoever I want, whenever I want!

I later decided to make my little side project about more than just having fun with friends and see if I could make some real money in the process… 

And this brings me to the first big problem in network marketing companies...

Cool story so far, right?
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Roxy Jordet
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